Serve the City

A lot of people would want to do something for others, but they often don’t know where to start and don’t know whether they can make a difference or not. We think different about this, because you certainly can make a difference!

Serve the City Tilburg is a student volunteering organization which is committed to enhance the well-being of the city. We organize volunteering projects and you can join these by yourself or with your friends. Throughout the year, we organize different activities focused on different target groups. For example, we organize an evening for the elderly in particular and a day full of nice workshops for people with disabilities. We have different committees which organize these activities and there is always room for new ideas!

You can become active as a committee member where you will organize one of the activities, but you can also volunteer during one of our events as “day-volunteer”! Do you want to join these events and therefore help the city? Do you also want to learn, for example by organizing one of these activities with us? Please contact us via and we will help you finding the perfect project.