Rode Kruis Studentendesk Tilburg

Have you always wanted to do something for others? But doesn’t your study planning allow you to do so? Then the Rode Kruis offers the solution! As link between the Rode Kruis and study life Tilburg, the student desk offers a unique possibility to not only enrich your CV, but also do something for others. In a low threshold and novel manner, we employ students as volunteers at societal events for vulnerable groups in our society. By mentioning this, you can think of an education program at elementary school about hunger, a beauty day for people with restrictions or a fund-raising evening for Serious Request. Not only do we employ students, we also host activities for students, like the yearly first aid workshops. Next to this we offer students the chance to develop themselves in a personal way. Within the committees and the board you organize your activities, learn communicative skills and a lot more! So, would you like to add something to our association and the society, don’t hesitate but send an email to: We are always looking for new members. You can also take a look at our Facebook page: