T.S.V. Plato

T.S.V. Plato was founded on 17th November 1987. This means that we will celebrate our thirty-fifth anniversary in 2022. In the 33 years since Plato started, it has grown into the largest student association in the province of Zuid-Nederland. The core values of T.S.V. Plato are openness, diversity and equality. In 2021 our association has more than 700 members. 

Since 2007, T.S.V. Plato has occupied its Sociëteit Akademeia situated on the Schouwburgring in the centre of Tilburg. Members can use the main party hall, various meeting rooms, a cozy bar, large kitchen and spacious garden.

Plato offers a place to as diverse as possible group of students. This place is one where people can acquire social contacts and skills, where they can develop themselves in numerous activities and in addition find a connection with a network of members and former members.

As the largest student association Plato also offers a variety of options in these areas by means of year clubs, committees, sororities, fraternities and societies. In this way you are able to develop yourself outside of your study, and also by organizing and joining the best parties. 

Plato offers the challenges; a member chooses their own route through these. Because there are few obligations in Plato, members are free to choose to what extent and how they want to be active. Every year there are various parties, sports tournaments and other activities, like a pool party, ski trip and sailing weekend.