Student Association Totus

Student Association Totus was founded on January 6, 1989. The society is located under the complex of Avans University at the Professor Cobbenhagenlaan in Tilburg. Through the years we have organized many fun activities for our members and we have established several traditions. The pillars of SV totus include unity, justice, friendship. We are a close-knit association that enjoys doing activities together. It’s not just about fun, so we have about 8 committees that are actively working organizing various activities.

Totus is a Dutch-speaking oriented association, as (almost) all of Avans’ studies are in Dutch, and all members are Dutch.

Our club is open from Monday to Friday for our members. So there is the possibility to relax, but also the ability to study or just the sociability with other members. In addition, we open the clubroom every Thursday evening to celebrate legendary parties with all members. We like to welcome students of Avans University of Applied Sciences who like to get the most out of their from their student days, enjoy making new contacts, and students who like to develop themselves.

More information about SV Totus? Visit our sorority or check out our website or Instagram page. Additionally, you can reach us by email via