TSDV DanceNation – Dansen

TSDV DanceNation is the dance association for Tilburg students, founded in July 2011. DanceNation guarantees the quality of a wide range of dance styles that are given in the Sports Center. In addition, the student sports association DanceNation offers all kinds of fun dance related activities!
TSDV DanceNation has a wide range of dance styles. Including hip hop, heels, contemporary, jazz, Latin solo and more! The classes are not only informative, but also very entertaining. If you would like to dance together with other students, you can do so at DanceNation! Besides the many lessons, DanceNation also has three demo teams: Divini-T (entertainment team), Infini-T (modern team) and last but not least Uni-T (hip-hop team). They will perform and participate in competitions. Every year there are auditions to be selected for one of these teams.
Some of the different activities organized by Dancenation are the workshops and 7 week courses in unique styles. This way members can try out new dance styles such as afro heels and K-pop. In addition, during our activities, such as the Cycling Diner and the Cocktail Workshop, members can get to know new people. The activity everyone is always looking forward to is the annual showcase, where members can show their passion for dancing and shine on stage!
In short, you will be part of a super fine and cozy group of members, who also share your passion for dance!
More information about our TSDV Dancenation can be found on our Instagram and Facebook page.
Contact: bestuur@nulltsdvdancenation.nl