T.S.T.V. Lacoste – Tennis

Lacoste organizes many activities throughout the year. Every Wednesday evening we have the club night. On this evening, members can play tennis together on the smash courts specially reserved for Lacoste members. This is the ideal opportunity for new members to get to know the association. Lacoste also plays a spring, winter and autumn competition with teams of different levels. There is a suitable place for every player within Lacoste!

T.S.T.V. Lacoste also organizes and visits many tournaments. Every year we organize the LUST tennis tournament, the Beach tennis tournament, the LOT tennis tournament and the TSTK tennis tournament. Students from other cities are also happy to be guests at our tournaments. In this way you get to know students from all over the Netherlands. In addition to playing tennis at these tournaments, there are also plenty other fun activities to engage in. 

In October, Lacoste organizes the annual members weekend. This is a great way to get in touch with all new members. During the year, several separate activities are also organized, such as a Christmas dinner, a Sinterklaas evening, a New Year’s reception, Meals on Wheels and exchanges with other student tennis associations.

Lacoste is a non-binding association, so you can always choose whether you sign up for an activity or not. Are you interested, do you want to become a member or do you want more information? Please visit www.tstvlacoste.nl.