T.S.K.V. Spartacus – Krachttraining

T.S.K.V. Spartacus – Strength Training


T.S.K.V. Spartacus is the biggest student strength sport association in the Netherlands, and we are here for anyone who goes to the gym. We offer a platform for every student to achieve their fitness goals, whether those goals are, staying/becoming fit, becoming more muscular, bodybuilding, powerlifting or just consistently training, enjoying it and having a fun community.

We have a pretty big powerlifting team going to national and international competitions, including the Dutch Students Powerlifting Championships and the World University Powerlifting Championships. Besides Powerlifting, we also organize bodybuilding-related clinics and have an annual Body Progression Contest, where we measure who has made the best progress in either getting leaner or gaining muscle mass.

We have theoretical and practical clinics every month, about exercises, nutrition, programming and much more. Furthermore, we have 3 Powerlift trainings, 1 Bodybuilding training and 1 General training each month. And of course, we host a lot of fun activities for our members to have fun and socialize outside of the gym, like sushi dinners, game nights, BBQs, karaoke nights and more.


Want to know more? You can always find us in the Tilburg University Sport Center where you can ask us questions.

We post our athletes, events and news on our Instagram @tskvspartacus


Website: tskvspartacus.nl

Already interested in becoming a member? Sign up here: https://tskvspartacus.nl/inschrijven/