T.S.H.V. SHOT – Hockey

T.S.H.V. SHOT was founded in 1986. This means that we are entering our 35th year and next season we will celebrate our seventh anniversary! In those 35 years the association has grown to almost 400 members. SHOT is the student hockey club and largest student sports club in Tilburg! That you will have an unforgettable student time at SHOT is shown by the fact that we have been elected sports club of the year two years in a row!

Besides the fact that our SHOTTIES are shining on the field every week, friendliness is also very important to us. SHOT is characterized by unforgettable and epic evenings in Brandpunt and OSB, the weekly drinks between teams and the original activities where every SHOT wants to be present! One of SHOT’s many highlights is our nationally known and annual Blue Balls Tournament. Here every student will have the time of their lives in the second weekend of July to make it the most fat edition ever! With fifteen different committees, the possibility to play field hockey at every level and the many activities we organize, we are a close association where everyone feels at home!