Melmac – Korfball

Student Korfball Association Melmac in Tilburg has three teams, one mixed weekend team, one mixed midweek team and one ladies midweek team. S.K.V. Melmac offers korfball for all levels, from beginners to top korfball players. It also offers korfball players the opportunity to continue to play matches at home during the weekend, while being able to train in Tilburg during the week.

We train two nights a week, these days vary by season (see our website for current training times). Korfball is played indoors and outdoors. From November to March we play indoors in the Tilburg University Sports Center, in the other months we play outdoors on the field.

Training involves working on general fitness and developing technique and tactics. Sometimes we work with the ball, sometimes without it. Korfballers who play for other teams at weekends and those who are not involved in competitive korfball at all are welcome to attend the training sessions, provided of course that they hold a valid sports membership. You also need to register as a member at S.K.V. Melmac to continue to take part in the training and competitions.

In addition to the competition and training, every year we actively participate in various tournaments with other student korfball clubs in the Netherlands. In addition, you can also enjoy other activities that are organized besides korfball, such as a BBQ, various pub quizzes, an active members party, a Christmas party and monthly drinks, usually on Thursdays, in Café Bolle.

If you are coming to play korfball for the first time, please contact the board beforehand via