Braga – Schaatsen

We are Braga, the coziest student ice skating association in Tilburg! T.S.S.V. Braga is a student sports association that primarily focuses on ice skating. The Ireen Wüst Ice Rink in Tilburg is our home base, and during winter, you can find us there on Monday evenings for a lively yet competitive training session. In the summer, when the ice rink is closed, we work out at the sports center to be perfectly prepared for the next winter.

We welcome skaters of various skill levels to join our association, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro. Every year, we organize the Braga Sprint Cup, an ice skating tournament where around 80 students from all over the Netherlands come to Tilburg to skate, stay overnight, and enjoy a big party afterwards.

In addition to skating, we also have fun activities such as a Cycling Dinner, a wagon cantus, and a weekend trip to Thialf (the fastest ice rink in the Netherlands, located in Friesland).

If you’d like to join a training session or need more information, feel free to send an email to or DM us on Instagram @t.s.s.v.braga. We hope to see you on the ice!