Muslim Student Association Tilburg

Do you also feel that you are treated like a number from a pile of hundreds of students? At the Muslim Student Association Tilburg (MSA Tilburg), we find it important that you feel seen and heard. Creating a personal bond with our
Therefore creating a personal connection with our target group is of great importance. Together we are a voice for the (Muslim) student(s). The distinctive vision and unique view that we have as students, makes us as Islamic student association different from other student associations. This is reflected in the cultural diversity within the organization, as well as the visitors to our activities of which we are immensely proud. As a registered student association of Tilburg University and Avans University, we strive to represent the interests and needs of Muslim students on campus. Our association was therefore born out of the need to have a voice for Muslim students on campus. However, we are not limited to the accessibility of (Muslim) students in Tilburg. We strive daily to We strive daily to stand up for the interests of students in general, regardless of religion, origin, and location. Our focus is to help students develop on an Islamic and academic level. This is done through organizing networking meetings, educational courses and empowering the Muslim student in their identity by organizing organizing various activities and events. We try to create a platform where create a platform where Muslim students can unite. Have we aroused your interest? Then we would like to welcome you to our activities and who knows in our team!
And remember, come as you are!