Emèt Qenee

Emèt Qenee is a Christian student society on a reformatory basis in Tilburg and Eindhoven and a dispute of C.S.F.R. The main activities of our dispute are the Bible and study circles. In it we study a certain part of the Bible and in the case of a study circle, more general subjects that often have to do with the Bible or faith. In addition, we organize publicly accessible lectures in which a speaker comes to talk about an interesting topic, we meet and organize regular get-togethers and weekends away.

Our association is set up around the three pillars: meeting, conviction and development. At our association relaxation and conviviality have an important place. Often mutual friendships come into being for a lifetime. From our conviction, which is rooted in the Bible and the Reformed tradition, we discuss current issues. You learn here by standing stronger in your shoes, formulating your own opinion and giving practical shape to your life. The development of our members is central to the constructive activities and the many possibilities for committee work. Interested? Check us on Facebook or on our website.