C.S. Via Fidei

We are C.S. Via Fidei, the newest Christian student association in Tilburg. In 2016, we have formed a new association from the merger of two Christian student societies, looking for new members to write history together. An association full of fun, conviviality and faith! We have many different types of activities. Every other Wednesday we come together in small groups to talk about our personal faith, the Bible and what it means to us. The other weeks we meet for either professional or social activities. And of course, we end all our evenings in Café Jack’s: our favourite bar in Tilburg!

It is often said that student life is the life to admire, and we agree with that. That is why everyone is welcome. If you want to learn more about the Christian faith, whether you are religious or not, and if want to enjoy a fantastic student time: come join us!




Via Fidei