DWARS Brabant

DWARS is the independant political youth organisation of GroenLinks. We are an association for and by young adults from 14 – 28 years old with over 5000 members. Together, we think about political matters, have training in political skills and we get to know each other through informative and fun activities, like drinks and parties.

DWARS Brabant, which is for all members who live in the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Zeeland, has around 430 members. Every couple of weeks, we organise activities like themed discussions, trainings, visits to green and social organisations, drinks and more! This way you can get involved in green, social and progressive politics. Do you want to learn more? Go to our facebook (@DWARSBrabant), instagram (@DWARSBrabant), site (dwars.org/brabant/) or send us a mail via brabant@nulldwars.org