DWARS Brabant-Zeeland

DWARS is the politically independent youth organization of GroenLinks. We are an association by and for young people, spread across the Netherlands, with approximately 5,000 members nationwide. We stand for a more sustainable, social, and inclusive Netherlands. Together, we engage in political discussions and express our opinions, both when asked and unsolicited. We organize activities to make it easy for you to get acquainted with politics, such as theme nights with guest speakers, practice debates, site visits, and much more!

In our Brabant-Zeeland division, we organize various activities monthly, scattered across Brabant and Zeeland. While our focus is on green and left-wing politics, the atmosphere is always friendly and enjoyable!

Do you want to learn more about DWARS and politics? Or perhaps attend one of our activities? Feel free to visit our website or send an email to brabant@nulldwars.org. We hope to see you at one of our events!