Fractie Front – University Council

Student party Front is a student party in the University Council of Tilburg University. This means that we represent the 19,000 students of Tilburg University in the decision-making process of the university. We are a party for and by students and are elected by the students of Tilburg University during the annual elections.

Front represents all students of Tilburg University, but has an extra focus on the active student. 

Student Party Front is ‘GOING THE EXTRA MILE’ for students who do the same! We realize this extra mile by taking a proactive attitude in the university council. This means that we not only respond to council documents from the Executive Board, but also actively think about improvements for the university and take action. In addition to council work, we also undertake other initiatives to introduce students to Front and university participation. Some initiatives are the International meeting, the Front Forum evenings, the inspiration days, the Pleekrant and of course the Front Fustenfeest.

We find being active next to your studies and the opportunity to do so very important. Therefore, this will be one of our points of attention during the decision-making process. Within our philosophy; ‘for the active student’ we have 3 pillars. Internationalization, digitization and ‘living campus’. 

Besides our room in the Esplanade building E209 we can also be found at almost every student party, cantus or drink. You can recognize us by our green color! So do you have any questions about Front, do you have great ideas to improve Tilburg University or do you just want to get to know us? Talk to us, or send an email to! Further information can also be found on our website;