Fractie ECCO – Faculteitsraad TiSEM

Student Party ECCO represents the interests of all students studying at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management in the Faculty Council. ECCO consists of four members with diverse backgrounds and studies who together strive to serve the students in the best way possible.

During our bimonthly meetings with the Management Team of TiSEM, ECCO has a direct influence in the quality of education in your program. Together with the Management Team and personnel representatives, we continuously try to improve education and research by implementing and amending policies on faculty level. In order to achieve the best results, staying in touch with students an essential part of our work. We therefore always welcome students to share any problems and suggest any plans for improvement that might come to them!

In the past, ECCO has achieved several affairs which affect students on a daily basis. For example, the 3rd-chance possibility has been introduced by Student Party ECCO. This possibility gives students who did not graduate due to failing 1 course an extra opportunity. Additionally, in collaboration with ECCO, TiSEM installed two start dates for its master programs. Our unwavering commitment to our students ensures that we will not compromise on quality as regards education and student life at TiSEM.

Together with TiSEM students, we aim to improve study programs every day of the year. If you wish to share any problems or suggest ideas, we are more than willing to help you!