Faculteitsraad TST

The student fraction of the faculty council of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST) is composed out of students from our bachelor’s and masters programs of our faculty. Each year the students will be chosen by election. There are 5 seats for students in the faculty council.

We meet approximately 7 times a year with the Faculty Board. We discuss topics like changing the educational programs, checking the annual budget of the faculty and further the daily affairs. In this meeting we often take input from our fellow students and if problems arise, we put them right away on the agenda. If you want to discuss more educational related cases, the program committee will be the place to be for you! There are also seats for students there!

Because the TST has two locations, Tilburg and Utrecht, we meet variously on both locations. It is good to be regularly on both locations, both with their own atmosphere. In Utrecht you are in the inner city and after the meeting you can relax on the terrace along the Nieuwegracht. In Tilburg you are on the campus, more between the students with a pleasant association life. The majority of the students of our faculty is located in Utrecht.

As student fraction we have good connections with the study association Ad Interim. We find it important that students in Utrecht and Tilburg feel more and more connected with each other. We also have regular contact with the fractions in the university council and other faculties. This way we can tackle issues that are important to students university-wide!

Faculteit Katholieke Theologie van Tilburg University in Utrecht.