Active TLS

Active TLS is a new fresh party that represents the active student studying at Tilburg Law School. It is important that students get the opportunity to develop themselves optimally within and besides their studies. Active students are students who are busy with their association, have a job or are actively developing themselves in another way besides their studies. Active TLS’ vision consists of three pillars: the active student, digitalization and internationalization.

The faculty council is the advisory body of representatives of Tilburg Law School. During the monthly meetings the faculty council and the faculty board discuss several topics such as education and research. The faculty council has approval and advisory rights in a number of areas. Therefore, we as students have a say in the policy of the faculty.

Active is also represented in the other faculty councils of Tilburg University. Together with Active TiSEM, Active TSB and Active TSHD they want to strive for a policy that is as uniform as possible for all faculties. With this cooperation, more ideas will come up, which will increase the quality of education.

Do you have new ideas about improving the education of Tilburg Law School? Do you want to know more about student participation? Do not hesitate to get in touch at!