AEGEE Tilburg

AEGEE-Tilburg is the European student association of Tilburg, which means that the association is a part of a big network with in total 13000 students. AEGEE-Tilburg consists of both Dutch as international members where everyone is welcome, regardless of the study, nationality of background! Nothing in this association is mandatory, this means no dejuvination or other bad things. The association is built on three pillars: activities in Tilburg, traveling and personal development. At first, we host different nice monthly parties which vary from pyjama themed parties to casual drinks. The second part consists of traveling. Because of the international network, there is the possibility to go abroad in a cheap way. The one week, you’re following a training in Budapest, while you’re drinking a good sangria in Valencia the other week. At last, there are countless possibilities to develop yourself within AEGEE-Tilburg, this means on national as well as international level. Within AEGEE-Tilburg, you can participate actively in one of the seven committees. In addition to this, you can also become active in one of the many classes on European level!