Students Tilburg Amnesty International (STAI)

We are a local student association that is part of Amnesty International, and we are passionate about advocating for human rights through creative, practical, and exciting ways that bring our Tilburg community closer. Our association consists of three committees.
The Arts & Culture committee brings creativity and activism together through events like creative evenings and workshops. Actions That Matter participates in the annual Write for Rights campaign and organizes interesting and practical human rights events such as clothes and book swaps. The Symposium committee specializes in discussion nights and symposia with interesting and knowledgeable speakers.
Our association also has a Gender Team that monitors and works with various institutions of North Brabant on petition signing concerning gender-related topics, as well as the ‘Let’s Talk About Yes’ campaign. The Gender team also collaborates with our three committees on any gender-related events.
We aim to create a safe space for everyone and bring awareness to the issues that impact human rights all around the world and we are always happy to welcome new members into our organization.