Stichting Move

Are you ready for an experience that will change your perspective on Tilburg? Do you want to develop your talents, expand your network and work on your resume? Then you should sign up to participate in a Move-project!

During a Move-project you will implement a social project with primary school children from an underprivileged neighborhood in Tilburg. Together you will brainstorm and organize something positive for the neighborhood in which the children live. This could, for example, be a dinner show for the elderly or graffiti artwork. In addition, you will give the children a look into student life. For example, by visiting the university or a student’ house.

Students who are involved will learn how they can motivate and activate their surroundings, and gain experience in project management. During this process, the students will be guided by an experienced project coordinator from Move.

Do you want to know more? Want to apply? Send an E-mail to