SPS-NIP is a section for and by psychology students from the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP). It’s a national organization for psychology students with a board in every city where you can study psychology. Our mission as SPS-NIP is to connect and support all psychology students in the Netherlands in making conscious and well-thought step towards the work field. We want to introduce psychology students to different fields of work within psychology. The Regional Board Tilburg organizes activities such as lectures and workshops for psychology students in Tilburg. By doing this the students get to know the work field. Unique is the Experience Your Future that is organized once a year. On this day different speakers tell something about their experience as a psychologist and their career. By organizing this we want to make everybody aware of their opportunities within the field of psychology.

Every academic year the board changes. If you want, you can become an active member of the new board in Tilburg next year. In addition, there is the possibility to take place in a National Committee, which is a section of the National Board. For additional information about this and the current vacancies, you can click here. For more questions or information about our board in Tilburg and the activities that we organize you can mail to stedelijkbestuurtilburg@nullspsnip.nl or like our Facebook to stay updated about our upcoming activities.