Het Februaricongres

The February Congress is an annual event in Tilburg that focuses on societal trends in the labor market, aiming to inspire and connect students with companies. Additionally, the congress provides students the opportunity to delve into current themes and explore their career perspectives. The program consists of two main parts:

  • An interesting and, above all, relevant speaker program featuring accomplished individuals who serve as role models for young professionals.
  • A workshop program where students can collaborate with their peers to work on relevant cases provided by companies in their field of study.

This format allows companies and students to get to know each other, network, and delve into current themes in a accessible manner. The February Congress distinguishes itself from other developmental events by not solely focusing on economic studies and employing three different pillars. In this way, the congress broadens its target audience, providing every student the opportunity to explore the career field of their respective study direction. Additionally, it offers a wide range of companies the chance to discover what Tilburg, as a student city, has to offer for employers.