De Kleine Consultant

De Kleine Consultant is a non-profit strategy consultancy entirely run by students.

We focus on two goals: providing a streamlined development platform for talented and ambitious students and offering strategic advice to social organizations where it is not normally accessible. We primarily aim to assist NGOs and start-ups. By selecting and securing our own projects, we can add value where we can make the greatest impact.

De Kleine Consultant provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in strategic consultancy by undertaking diverse ten-week projects that address complex strategic issues for businesses. These issues may include developing a growth strategy, sustainability, or positioning a product in a market.

De Kleine Consultant has various coaching partners such as A.T. Kearney, Bain, BCG, OC&C, McKinsey, and Roland Berger. Coaching partners provide a coach for each project, ensuring that students receive professional guidance in their learning process and guaranteeing quality for the client.

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