MAK Mentorship System

MAK is the Mentorship System of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and forms part of the Education Office. MAK is a Mentorship System with 30 volunteers who help students to get acclimatized to Tilburg University and makes sure you make the best out of your student life!

We provide useful information to prospective, first year and (pre-)master students. This is done by offering all kinds of services for example, the Mentorship System, information sessions, Student for a Day (a day at which high school students can experience the program of their interest), Program Introduction (for all new students at TiSEM, during which they get to know more about the university, their program and how the Digital Learning Environment works).Furthermore MAK tries to help students with their studies by offering tutorships (extra classes of around 12 students in which the content of one course is elaborated) or private coaching (one on one training by an older student).

With the help of 30 enthusiastic volunteers MAK is able to offer these services to all students who are interested. Besides these formal activities, MAK is a close group of friends who like to catch-up with each other during our weekly drink, MAKtivities and weekends off. If you would like to read more about MAK please go to or send an email to