MAK Mentorship System

MAK Mentorship System – Supported by Asset is a close group of friends where a steep learning
curve is stimulated through workshops, personal guidance, and plenty of social events, such as our
biweekly drink and weekends off. MAK consists of a group of 25 students who love to work together in
committees and enjoy having a drink! When you become a MAKker you can join one of our various
committees that organize events for all MAKkers, or larger events for all first years.
MAK is the Mentorship System of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and
forms part of the Education Office. MAK is a Mentorship System with 25 students who help students to
get acclimatized to Tilburg University and makes sure you make the best out of your student life!
We provide useful information to prospective first year and (pre-)master students at TiSEM in the
following four ways:
Study orientation: We set-up multiple days during the year called Student for a Day, during which
high school students can experience their program of their interest at the university.
Introduction: During the introduction we organize multiple days. The Kick-Off for example (or
Program-Introduction for (pre-)master students) is the first day of the program for all bachelor students
at TiSEM during which they get to know more about the university, their program and how the Digital
Learning Environment works.
PASS Mentoring: We organize a couple of informal activities for PASS-mentors which they can
attend with their group to increase the bonding between a PASS group.
Study Support: We offer multiple types of study support which help students who are struggling with
a course. We do this in the form of weekly classes, crash courses or private coaching. It is also
possible to become a tutor or private coach if you are rewarded with an 8 for a course.
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