Enactus is an international study association with teams all over the world, including ours right here in Tilburg. The goal of Enactus is to give students the means to start and manage businesses that not only turn a profit, but also positively impact society and/or the environment.

An Enactus membership adds a new dimension to your studies in myriad ways. It enables you to leave a positive mark on the world around you, gain valuable

entrepreneurship skills and expand your network, both in formal and informal ways. As a member, you will work in a team of ambitious students, together with whom you’ll ensure that your project grows into a thriving, sustainable business. Every year, all 13 Enactus teams from The Netherlands compete against each other in the National Competition, the winner of which gets to participate in the Enactus World Cup.
In addition to this, we organise many events ourselves, for which attendance is usually not mandatory. These range from formal events with a focus on personal and project development, to informal events that allow you to get to know your fellow Enactus members better. Because of this, our team is always a close-knit community in which everyone knows and helps each other.
All in all, being a member of Enactus will serve as an unforgettable extracurricular experience and is a fantastic opportunity for personal development. Joining us can be done for free on our website. See you soon!