T.S.C. ‘St. Olof’

Olof is the leading and most active student association of Tilburg. They’re association is located on the Spoorlaan in the city center of Tilburg. Olof has a hundred year long history full of traditions and historical events. The student association does not only stand for conviviality, but also for a diverse range of activities in the areas of sports, culture, music and relaxation and it is the upgrade of your student years. The main language of communication at Olof is Dutch, but international students are welcome as well.

Being a member of Olof is a perfect combination with your study program. Members of Olof study at Tilburg University, the Fontys or the Avans. There are also members who study in Eindhoven and Breda. Within Olof you are stimulated to perform your study activities as well as possible, this is the most important reason why you came to Tilburg after all. For several years Olof has been offering professional tutoring courses and exam training with significant discounts to its members to support you as well as possible.

To help you maintain your fitness, Olof has numerous sports teams at a wide range of levels who play football, field hockey, rugby and tennis together. Apart from that members go to the gym together and they organize a ski holiday every year.

At Olof you can visit and organize the greatest parties. Multiple internal events are organized, such as the firstyearsgala, the dies gala, the beer cantus, the new year party and a lot more! Apart from the internal activities they give an open party almost every month for all the students of Tilburg and Olof’s fraternities and sororities organize big events such as Kongsi Carnaval, Pallieter Mixed Hockey Toernooi, the Brut Beschuit Cantus, Student Freedom Festival, Bodemdrift and Dichtgetikt.

At Olof there are several ways to develop yourself. As a member of Olof you get loads of opportunities to expand your horizon. Olof has dozens of committees in which you can participate, they have their own band that releases music, an gastronomes who cook culinary meals for large dinners. Also they organize the largest campuswide career event of Tilburg University, the Tilburg Career Days, and they organize the Tilburgs Student Symposium.

Friends for life!
Olof helps you with housing so you can live in a reasonably prized student home with your best friends. Olof has thirty-five student homes in the city centre that all lie nearby the student association, the university, the Fontys and the Avans. Apart from that you will make friends for life at Olof through yearclubs, the fraternities, the sororities and the several committees!