Fractie SAM – Universiteitsraad

Student Party SAM is the oldest and largest party of the University Council. We have been
representing students at Tilburg University since 1995. In the University Council, both students and
staff can influence the course of events within the university by creating and discussing policy with
Student Party SAM wants to ensure that all students at Tilburg University can fulfill their ambitions.
We believe that students are very ambitious both during and after their student lives. Our goal is to
ensure that students have the opportunity to realize those ambitions. To help the students as well as
possible, we commit ourselves to our four pillars: quality of education, student facilities, labor
market and personal development.
To get an idea of what we do, here are a few examples of what we have achieved:
 No more handing in your papers on hardcopy (paperless = more)
 Organizing a student well-being day
 Created collaborations between the municipality and university to tackle the student housing
Do you have any problems or suggestions? We are happy with all your input! You can reach us on
Facebook and Instagram (@fractie_sam) or you can send an e-mail to Or even
better: come along to our room, E.206. Our door is always open!