Asset | SBIT

Asset | SBIT is the study association for all bachelor students Business Economics (Bedrijfseconomie), pre-master and master students Information Management, and all students interest in the field of Information Management! SBIT was founded in 1984 and stands for Study Association for Business and Information Technology.

Our association has over 1150 members and various activities each month. These activities can be either formal or informal and will give you the opportunity to broaden your network. During the activities, there will be contact with fellow students, possible future employers and colleagues, and all interested in the Information Management discipline.

Two of our most popular formal activities are the Business Tour and Business Dinner. The Business Tour is a two day trip during which you will visit three companies and participate in cases, interact in presentations and enjoy a drink with the participating companies. Our Business Dinner is an opportunity for students to come in contact with four companies during a four course dinner. This event is based on the concept that you will switch tables between courses and therefore will have personal contact with all four participating companies.

A few of our most popular informal activities are our DoMiBo’s and Monthly Drinks. Each Thursday, we have a small afternoon drink at our rooms, which is known as the DoMiBo, in dutch: Donderdag Middag Borrel. During this DoMiBo, a lot of members stop by at our rooms to have a beer and a nice chat. Besides this small drink each weak, we also have our Monthly Drinks at Café Bolle , which as you might suspect, take place once a month. This is the perfect opportunity to relax a bit and catch up over a beer. It’s tradition that the first beers are on Asset | SBIT. Besides these events, we also have our bachelor activity, master activities, hangover Lunches, trampoline dodgeball, special DoMiBo’s and many more fun activities!

An association is nothing without its active members, who contribute in our committees. Asset | SBIT currently has fourteen committees, containing 75+ active members. If you would like to learn more than just theory from the books or if you would like to challenge yourself, a committee could be the perfect solution for you! We have different committees that vary in workload from 1 up to 5 hours a week. You can write articles for our weblog, organize a study trip to another continent or design the best banners and posters. It’s all up to you!

All our members are invited to our monthly drinks and activities, Active Members get the privilege of joining our Active Members Dinner and our Active Members Day. In addition, you have the pleasure of meeting all our active members and making new friends. Furthermore it also looks stunning on your resume. If you are interested in becoming an active member check our website, send an email to or visit us in our room, E.116 which is located at the Tilburg University!