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Extra Muros, THE study association of Liberal Arts and Sciences, is a platform for all Liberal Arts and Sciences students at Tilburg University College. Extra Muros is most distinguishable for the fact that it represents the most internationally oriented student population for any study program at Tilburg University.

Since Extra Muros is a study association, it does place an emphasis on academia and provides a range of activities in that dimension. An example of this, is The Last Lecture series at Tilburg University, in which a professor or public speaker gives a lecture as if it was their last.
However, the study association does not consist solely of academic events but also of social events such as drinks, band nights, and barbeques at which you can meet your fellow students in a more informal setting.
In this way, through social and academic activities, Extra Muros strives to provide a basis for Liberal Arts and Sciences students to fulfill all the needs that Liberal Arts students might have next to their studies, thus creating a fulfilling experience of student life for all its members.

But why should you sign up for Extra Muros? Being member of Extra Muros means: a lot of benefits! We have listed the most important perks of your membership below (applicable to the membership of 2015-2016):

  • 15% Discount + high shipping service if you order your study books (from our partner StudyStore) via our website
  • – FREE access to Extra Muros parties.*
  • – FREE access to our Crash Courses. These courses are not regular courses, they are part of the Academic Activities that we will organize for first year LAS students throughout the year. If you need some extra boost to pass your exam, visit our crash courses!*
  • – Go abroad! Go on EM Study Trip. The best way to get to know each other is when you go abroad together. We will visit an awesome destination for a reasonable price!**
  • – Possibility to attend other events hosted by our committees, such as Change The Tune, Meet the World, Secret Sinterklaas, Last Lecture, trip to the ICJ, LAS Cafe etc. etc.
  • – You can join one of our diverse committees! Your exclusive opportunity to become active, gain some great experience and expand your CV.
  • – Last, but not least: FREE access to our Mentor Program. For issues, information and advice, there is always someone whom you can contact directly, namely: your dear mentor!

* Non-members will pay entrance fees for these activities.
** Only EM Members can go on Study Trip

For more information about Extra Muros and our activities, please check out our website or our facebook page! 🙂

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