Rechten – ELSA

ELSA stands for The European Law Students’ Association and was founded on May 4th 1981 in Vienna. The founders were students from both sides of the “Iron Curtain”, Poland, Austria, Hungary and West Germany. They sought to work on mutual understanding and to promote international contacts. ELSA continued growing and had more than 30 member states and observing countries in the early 1990s. The power of ELSA is the vast European network. ELSA is currently active in 43 countries with around 300 local groups from countries such as Iceland, Malta, Portugal and Russia. With a total of 43.000 members, ELSA is the largest law association in the world. ELSA Tilburg focuses on bringing ‘the extra’ to a lawyer’s education by organising soft skill workshops, lecture on law-related matters, moot courts, international trips and visits to different legal or political institutions. Moreover, ELSA Tilburg has a well-working STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme) which allows its members to easily find internships throughout Europe.