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Asset | Econometrics

Asset | Econometrics is the study association for all students of Econometrics & Operations Research and its (pre-)Masters at Tilburg University. Asset | Econometrics has approximately 750 members of which about 120 are active in several committees. We aim to give study support, kick-start your professional career and also to increase the quality of your student life. In order to achieve these three targets, we offer many different activities throughout the year, as well as a monthly drink. These activities and drinks are the ideal opportunity to get to know your fellow students as all members, both passive and active, are welcome and there are no further obligations. Besides these great informal options, we also offer formal activities with companies to launch your career, such as an Inhouse Day, International Business Tour and symposia. On our website you can find some information and vacancies of interesting companies, as well as old exams of courses to help you with your studies. If you want to improve your soft skills or if you like to have a great time as a student, then you can become an active member of Asset | Econometrics. We offer a wide range of committees and activities to ensure that you maximize your student life; it is certainly worth it to become active. Are you interested? Please feel free to drop by at our rooms, send an email to info@nullAsset-Econometrics.nl or go to www.Asset-Econometrics.nl.