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Asset | Accounting & Finance

Asset | Accounting & Finance is the financial study association of Tilburg University, which focuses on students interested in the fields of accountancy, controlling, finance and investment theory. The association counts over 2000 members and is one of the largest associations in Tilburg. By offering study-related as well as career-orientated activities, Asset | Accounting & Finance builds a bridge between the theory of the study and the practice of business and tries to fulfill an intermediary role between students and business life. The association offers events like the Asset Inhouse Days, the AccountantsDay, Financial Business Dinner and the FinanceDay. Examples of study-related activities that Asset | Accounting & Finance organizes, are Accounting Insight, Investment Night, the Studytour. Furthermore, Asset | Accounting & Finance fulfills a supporting role for students, for instance by publishing guidelines. Asset | Accounting & Finance publishes many interesting and accounting- and finance related articles on the website (www.Faces-Online.nl). In addition, Asset | Accounting & Finance is member of the Financial Association of the Netherlands (FAN) together with four other financial study associations from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Groningen and Maastricht. By becoming an active member, you will gain a lot of experiences in both a professional as well as an informal way. Organizing activities not only gives you an excellent extra- curricular reference, you will also meet many new people and have a lot of fun. Moreover, by contacting companies you can get acquainted with the companies of your interest. If you want to become an active member or get some more information about (active) membership possibilities, please check out www.Asset-AccountingFinance.nl or send an e- mail to info@nullAsset-AccountingFinance.nl or visit room E1.06 and ask for our Vice-Chairman. Phone: +31 (0)13 – 466 2662

Website: www.Asset-AccountingFinance.nl

E-mail: info@nullAsset-AccountingFinance.nl

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AssetAF