In 1991, the international student association I*ESN was founded in Tilburg. Since 2011, the association has their own bar in the centre of Tilburg, called Carpe Diem. I*ESN is defined by their diversity and open mindedness, as every culture and nationality is welcome. I*ESN is an approachable association, that provides the perfect platform to become friends with people from all over the world. Every week, we host our legendary theme parties on Tuesday and Thursday night in Carpe Diem. Furthermore, there is also a cultural program including dinners, a lot of (inter)national trips, symposia and sports activities.

For the active students, we offer the opportunity to develop themselves in an international environment, with little obligations. We give them the possibility to become active in one of our 15 committees, as a mentor for international students, or to join one of our Yearclubs. Becoming an active I*ESN student is a great addition to your student life!

If you want more information, drop by E205 at University or Carpe Diem on the Heuvelring 201! Furthermore, you can contact us through info@nulliesntilburg.nl check our Facebook page or our website.