UniPartners Tilburg

We are UniPartners Tilburg! An ambitious and dynamic academic consultancy based in the Prisma building (P0.3). We want to give students the opportunity to gain experience in the business world. This is possible in many ways, first of all you can get started as a studentconsultant. You will solve a challenging issue with your knowledge and assist a company in the Tilburg area. Want to gain experience with sales or marketing? Then it is possible to participate in one of the committees! Not challenging enough? A board year at UniPartners is not only extremely challenging but also part of a vibrant network of ambitious students. An experience you will remember the rest of your life!

UniPartners Tilburg offers many possibilities. Sign up or drop by for a cup of coffee so that we can tell you all about it. We would love to share our UniPartners stories with you; we are waiting!