About us

Being a student is not only about studying. This is the idea behind foundation Word Actief Tilburg (WAT). At this moment Word Actief Tilburg consists of 10 enthousiastic students who like to inform other students about the possibilities in Tilburg. Tilburg is a real student city, there are multiple options for becoming active en get to know other students. For example you can join different student, study, cultural and sport associations or fulfill a function in the student council. The options are endless! Within the different associations, you will not only get to know a lot of people, you will also develop or improve several skills. For example planning, organizing, taking responsabilities, negogiate etc. Moreover, being active is also good for your CV.

Word Actief Tilburg offers you an of all the associations en possibilities within Tilburg. Have a look on the website or go to our Facebook page for questions, current possibilities and contact. The committee members of Word Actief Tilburg are more than happy to tell about their own experiences within the student life in Tilburg so feel free to contact us!